Board Secretary

Corporate governance (“CG”) is a very nascent practice with regular changes and constant new regulations to comply with. The board secretary plays a critical role in ensuring the board and organizations compliance with applicable CG regulations and best practices.

As a corporate secretary we undertake the following:

  • Monitor the implementation of CG practices and that all frameworks, policies and structures are in place to ensure accountability and transparency throughout the organization
  • Prepare the necessary board papers and agendas without conflict
  • Prepare the minutes of meetings and the filing requirements
  • Manage policies relating to disclosure of interest and related part transactions
  • Perform board evaluation against global standards of performance
  • Manage grievance and whistle-blowing procedures
As a third party entity, we have the suitable independency and facilitation skills to undertake the above activities for organizations ensuring that they are in line with current regulations or better still global best practices and standards.