Corporate Governance

As a specialized firm, Schema is committed to the highest education and training standards. We believe that regular training and capacity building programs are necessary to create awareness and embed best practices in organizations’ cultures. Accordingly, throughout our practice we have invested in creating basic, intermediary and advanced material related to corporate governance (“CG”). Some of our standard trainings are:

Corporate Governance Culture Awareness

This is an awareness-building workshop to identify the fundamental practices and principles of CG. The workshop is aimed to provide the participants with the necessary awareness of CG principles and values behind such principles to facilitate effective implementation and avoid box-ticking exercises.

Corporate Governance Structure

This is a capacity-building workshop to provide the necessary tools to create the ideal CG structure for any particular organization addressing all unique issues of different sectors, sizes and jurisdiction.

Corporate Governance for Senior Managers

This is a capacity-building workshop to provide the participants with necessary tools to manage CG practices according to global standards. It facilitates creating policies, guidelines and risk management exercises, as required for and by the participants to ensure the most suitable CG practices are implemented and that value is being created from such practices.

Developing Organizations Values and Code of Conduct

This is a workshop whereby we assist organizations in consolidating their values and effectively implementing such values through efficient internal and external communication channels.

We have created the above material based on market needs; however, if you have any specific needs, we can tailor a specific program for your organization. Please contact us for more information in this regard.

For a more detailed list of our trainings agenda, please click here.