Corporate Social Responsibility

As a specialized firm, Schema is committed to the highest education and training standards. We believe that regular training and capacity building programs are necessary to create awareness and embed best practices in organizations’ cultures. Accordingly, throughout our practice we have invested in creating basic, intermediary and advanced material related to corporate social responsibility (“CSR”). Some of our standard trainings are:

CSR Awareness

This is an awareness-building workshop to identify the fundamental concepts, values and practices of CSR.

CSR Training for Senior Managers

This is an awareness-building workshop to identify the fundamental concepts of CSR, global trends, common language and how to communicate involvement in CSR projects and their outcomes effectively.

CSR Self-Assessment

In this workshop we aim to facilitate companies’ self-assessment of their CSR operations and activities, showing strong points, highlighting areas for improvement, clarifying CSR strategy, and other matters related to a company’s current operation and its CSR activities.

Sustainability/ CR Reports

Through this workshop we focus on the importance of sustainability/ CSR reporting for organizations, and provide a framework for reporting based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

CSR Impact and Case Studies

This is a workshop whereby we support companies in reporting on their CSR initiatives and their impacts as case studies to be made available publicly. We have found that since many companies are hesitant to report, encouraging them to manage each CSR initiative on a case-by-case basis supports strengthening their CSR and increases their faith in public reporting.

We have created the above material based on market needs; however, if you have any specific needs, we can tailor a specific program for your organization. Please contact us for more information in this regard.

For a more detailed list of our trainings agenda, please click here