CSR Reporting

CSR Reporting is often used interchangeably with Sustainability Reporting. Although technically they may and sometimes do cover a different scope or aim to achieve a different objective.

There are no internationally recognized guidelines for CSR reporting therefore, this practice varies and ranges in each region and country and within different organizations. CSR Reporting is a practice focused on reporting on CSR activities (a more limited range than sustainability reporting).

CSR Reporting focuses on the CSR activities undertaken by an organization and how such activities were implemented. In some cases, this can extend to a review of the impact of such activities even touching on the return of such activities. However, normally a CSR report is a mere compilation of the CSR activities undertaken by an organization, the participants that took part in such activities and the communication that occurred around such an activity.

As limited in scope as a CSR Report may seem, there is definitely value in preparing such a report. Some of that value is:

Creating Organizational History

A CSR Report will always enable an organization to reflect back on its organizational CSR activities keeping track of its organizational CSR history. With turnover in staff and changes in community needs it is often difficult to remember or capture what an organization has done over the past 3-5 years.

Communication Tool

A CSR Report can be used as a communication tool to newcomers explaining and reflecting the activities that the organization is committed to or interested in. This saves a lot of time and resources in researching previous activities. Furthermore, it is definitely a valuable resource for communication with stakeholders and potential investors.

Improved Image of the Organization

A CSR Report can also serve the purpose of demonstrating the organization’s commitment to its society and surrounding environment reflecting a positive image of the organization.


As a highly strategic and advanced advisory firm, sustainability reports issued by our clients are at the highest tier because we follow a methodology that has been tested and proven to be successful. We prepare sustainability reports with a vision and clear writing method to reach the intended stakeholder groups and designed to attract and engage the readers.

Schema is officially part of the task force that discussed changes to the GRI Guidelines Version 4; we have the experience and knowhow to create strategies, structures and reporting frameworks that are sustainable and suitable for future changes. Schema is also one of few certified trainers on GRI reporting methodology for Arabic speaking countries.