We have the specialized knowledge and experience in CG and CR to help our clients develop their Sustainability approach and effectively integrate it within their organizational framework. To help ensure our client’s success, our team comprises experienced dynamic individuals with international professional and academic backgrounds and exposure, who strive to provide effective and innovative advisory services.

Executive Team


CEO and Founder

Maali Qasem Khader is the CEO and founder of Schema, taking a hands-on approach to the business and playing an active role in the development of strategic solutions for clients.

She is a lawyer by profession, and her extensive experience with regional and international legal frameworks is a tremendous asset in advising on, developing and implementing Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility principles and frameworks.

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Key Strategist

Majied Qasem is a key strategist at Schema regularly ensuring that our long term vision is clear and all our activities are aligned in support. Majied also provides key strategic advice to our clients on their CSR and CG needs helping ensure that clients are proactive and not reactive.

Majied is a co-founder of several organizations including d1g.com, a leading regional portal focused on providing a range of media-rich and socially enabled services.

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Ethics Specialist

Colleen Lyons is a highly accomplished and recognized Ethics Specialist with extensive international experience in Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility within the private and public sector and NGOs.

She has held positions with IBM and Gartner, and was a speaker at the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Oman, 2006).

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Sustainability Advisor

Lina Hussein advises on sustainable development through Corporate Responsibility, and advocates on moving from a mere business-flavored corporate identity into an earned responsible brand and image through strategies for the creation of shared values.

At the heart of her professional experience lies Strategic Planning, Stakeholders Engagement, Corporate Identity Management, Communications, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (CR) best practices. She also specializes in the creation and implementation of CR communications strategies and sustainability reporting.

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