The implementation of an effective corporate governance (“CG”) framework takes time. It is not a solution or a formula that is put into place and immediately takes effect. However, there are clear values in each step of the way that Schema follows to ensure that the organization benefits from the implementation of CG.

In implementing CG, we undertake the following:

  • Assessment of status quo of corporate governance and review the assessment independently and with the client
  • Review the requirements to implement the recommendations of the assessment in terms of:
    • Policies required
    • Capacity building required
    • If applicable, restructuring require
  • Identify the most cost and time efficient manner to implement the recommendations
  • Put into place monitoring and evaluating checks and balances for long term monitoring
  • Undertake the implementation process gradually to embed the know how in the institution and ensure value from effective corporate governance
Any great strategy, framework or policy is without value until implemented. Accordingly, the value in implementing CG comes from the value and importance of CG within every organization.