At Schema we recognize that innovation is a key critical success factor for businesses. The most successful and sustainble businesses are pioneers, leaders in their fields – something that cannot be achieved without innovation.

We also recognize that our clients face different challenges, and that those challenges evolve over time. Staying ahead of the market, anticipating our clients’ needs, and being able to provide them with the most effective solutions possible is fundamental to our business.

For these reasons we believe in investing behind innovation; to support our client’s needs and help them remain relevant in a world where Sustainability is becoming crucial to business growth.

Schema Labs and Schema Products are two examples of how our innovation efforts contribute to ensuring the sustainabaility of our business.

Schema Labs :

is an initiative aimed at contributing to the advancement of Corporate Governance (“CG”) and Corproate Social Responsibilty (“CSR”) practices in the MENA region through engagement with stakeholders. Eleven regional “hot topics” in CG and CSR were identified in 2009; these topics will be extensively studied in 2010 with the ultimate goal of developing advisory services modules to serve as knowledge platforms available to the market.

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Schema Products are the result of our pro-actively identifing needs and developing tools to facilitate implementation of CG and ethical practices. The Corporate Governance and Responsibility (“CGR”) Integration Tool facilitates the assessment and measurement of CG, CSR and the integration of CGR within a company. The Online Ethics Tools facilitates the increased awareness of ethical practices in the workplace on multiple levels.

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