Maali Qasem Khader

CEO and Founder

Over the years, Maali has been a driving force in influencing the corporate culture of the region. She encourages behavioral changes by building awareness towards CG and CR and in turn creating market for CG and CR that affects the mindsets and practices within organizations.

In 2011, Maali has been recognized as one of the top 100 Thought Leaders in Europe and the Middle East from Trustworthy Business Behavior, and in 2010 she was recognized as a Rising Star of Corporate Governance by Yale School of Management.

She believes strongly in the importance of learning, developing and growing, and invests not only in her own knowledge growth but also in evolving the market to redefine what success means and what success can mean.

Maali is passionate about CG and CR, which is reflected through key projects and initiatives, but also in the transformative nature of the tools she provides and the mindset changes she aims to achieve.

Her unwavering dedication to improving society and commitment to ethical practices have led to her impeccable reputation with the private and public sector and NGOs. Maali is invited regularly to speak at regional conferences related to responsibility, accountability, transparency and sustainability. Maali was also one of the Arab representatives on the G4 workforces managed by GRI.

Maali is a strong supporter of NGOs throughout the region including Injaz, NetCorps and the Higher Council for Persons with Disability. She aims to build bridges between the private and public sector and NGOs, and is dedicated to identifying CR opportunities that reap sustainable benefits to organizations and to society and the environment.

Corporate Responsibility (“CR”)

Maali is an industry leader in the development of innovative CR solutions for private sector and NGO clients. Her experience lies in the full spectrum of CR requirements, starting with the strategic approach to CR and extending to selecting the right models and implementation tools, putting into place the relevant policies and procedures, and monitoring and reporting to measure the impact of CR activities.

Corporate Governance (“CG”)

Maali works with clients to establish their CG structures and codes in adherence to legal requirements, assess CG frameworks including the nomination and remuneration of directors and their performance evaluation, and structure proactive communication channels between the board of directors, management and relevant stakeholders.

Maali is certified by the New York Bar Association and the Jordanian Bar Association, and is a certified Sustainability Reports Auditor.