Majied Qasem

Key Strategist

Majied held the post of Director of the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) through which he developed, built and advanced corporate responsibility strategies, ensuring effective engagement and building one of the most successful regional public private partnerships. He also ensured the regular engagement of over 160 entities from the private and public sectors, focusing on leveraging the core competencies of each entity to ensure a viable and valuable development partnership.

Majied is committed to the development of the Jordanian Knowledge workforce. In 2000 he was part of the group of Jordanian industry leaders that founded the Information and Technology Association of Jordan (Intaj) to drive the development of IT the sector.

In 2002 Majied helped found Injaz, a Jordanian NGO focused on youth development in Jordan. Majied served on the board of Injaz and Intaj until 2007. Currently, Majied is the executive director and co-founder of, a leading regional portal focused on providing a range of media-rich socially enabled services.