Schema designs new Corporate Responsibility Strategy for Jordan Ahli Bank and prepares the bank’s CR report for 2012


Months of assessment, stakeholders engagement and strategizing efforts led by leading sustainability advisory firm, Schema, resulted in a revamped Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy for Jordan Ahli Bank starting 2013 onward. Schema also wrapped up the year’s efforts with the preparation of the 2012 GRI-based CR report that the bank has recently released.

Amman, Jordan, 24 July 2013

The new CR strategy designed by Schema is built in alignment with Jordan Ahli Bank’s business vision and offers a new direction for the bank to reaffirm itself as a bank that cares beyond providing mere commercial banking services. Rather, with the new strategy, the bank is to be positioned as a financial institution that aims to enable a better economy. With this direction, Schema, in full engagement with the Jordan Ahli Bank’s team, renewed the bank’s CR vision as aiming to be “a Socially Responsible, Economically Empowering, and Environmentally Friendly bank”. Three focus areas are derived from the new CR direction: Walking the Talk; Responsible Banking; and Local Socio-Economic Development.

This fresh mindset will not only bring the bank to a better market position by focusing on more strategically-aligned causes; it will also direct the bank’s CR programs and initiatives to include innovative banking solutions that will result in better CR impact and create shared value for the bank, its stakeholders, and the society being served.

Schema’s team of sustainability advisors have collaborated efforts with the bank’s senior management and CR department in designing the bank’s new CR strategy. Schema also ran a thorough assessment of the key social impacts, risks and opportunities for the bank to capitalize on the bank’s strengths and mitigate business and societal risks that can be approached through well strategized CR programs and policies.

Moreover, Schema led the process of generating the bank’s first CR report for 2012, based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting guidelines, specifically the G3.1 guidelines. The process involved diligent assessment of the bank’s CR efforts and a review of its operations. The review entailed engagement with the bank’s key stakeholders, looking over all documented CR programs and activities, assessing internal policies and procedures relating to Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Health and Safety, Procurement, and Environmental Performance, as well as qualitatively analysing stakeholders’ take on the bank’s performance and CR in general.

‘It was our pleasure working with such a professional company as Schema; they very well understood our thoughts and needs and managed to design our Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy with such a clear direction and focus areas that would take the bank’s CR practices into a more advanced level with a tangible impact on the societies we operate in. The CR report they prepared was also developed in such a professional way that reflected our CR programs and achievements in 2012 and provided a benchmark to assess our progress in the years to come” said Rania Wahbeh, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Jordan Ahli Bank.

It is always a pleasure to work with clients that appreciate the value of CR and truly tackle it head on by integrating it in their day-to-day business. Discussions on CR with Jordan Ahli Bank were at the highest level of the bank reflecting a true commitment to the value that CR brings to the table and ensuring a genuine approach“, said Maali Qasem Khader, CEO and Founder of Schema.

About Schema

Schema is an established advisory firm focused on Sustainability, providing value to clients through tailored solutions in Corporate Governance (CG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across the MENA region. It is the only Sustainability advisory practice in the region that specializes purely in CG and CSR, maintaining a focus on and evolving with the rapid development in these fields.

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