Schema Labs

Innovation has become one of the key critical success factors of today’s business in order to increase relevance, be the pioneer not the follower and support sustainable growth. Driving business with innovation will support us to be more relevant and strengthen our positioning within our markets of operations.

Schema’s Labs Initiative is an initiative that Schema is undertaking with the objectives of :

  • Tackling most recent topics that are not yet approached by organizations in the region.
  • Researching and developing studies around key issues and most needed CGR practices by the market.
  • Creating a platform for organizations in the region to access most relevant practices in the field of Corporate Governance Responsibility.

Currently, Schema is working on the following labs :

  • CSR and Health
  • CSR and Gender
  • CSR in the Supply Chain
  • CSR and Communication
  • CG and Family Business in the MENA region
  • CG and SME’s
  • CG and Board Evaluations

Please contact us if you are interested in taking part in any of our labs or would like more information about them.