Schema partners with New Think Festival to encourage Social Responsibility in Jordan


Amman, Jordan, 16 June 2013

As a leader in sustainability and social responsibility advisory services in the region, and as part of its role to advocate and raise awareness on social responsibility and sustainability, Schema actively participated at the New Think Festival this year as a content partner, through its Social Responsibility “Kitchen”. The festival was held on 15 and 16 June 2013 starting, at the Cultural Village – Al Hussein Parks.

With the theme of “Cooking Ideas”, the festival this year was arranged into 13 specialised kitchens, discussing new thoughts and ways of thinking and innovation. Schema hosted a number of distinguished speakers and presenters, social activists, and socially-wired business people who engaged with the audience of the Social Responsibility Kitchen. Topics varied from what was our grandparents’ mind set like, how to be responsible towards natural and human resources, think tanks to engage with the audience, the audience interviewing and challenging business men, and much more.

The New Think Festival concept is based on the strong believe that human capital is one of the most important resources we have in Jordan; as such, the content of the festival is designed in a way to present and share new thoughts, innovative ways of thinking, and personal and corporate experiences, to inspire the audience to start thinking and acting differently towards a better life. More details on the festival can be found on

It is with great pleasure and pride that Schema was the content partner at the New Think Festival for Social Responsibility. Schema truly believes and is committed to social responsibility not just by virtue of the work that we do but also in our DNA. This year at the New Think Festival we focused on creative ways to be sustainable through environmental and social solutions for individuals, organizations and civil societies and a new innovative form of engagement with the audience to raise awareness on being proactively responsible“, said Maali Qasem Khader, Founder and CEO of Schema.


About Schema

Schema is an established advisory firm focused on Sustainability, providing value to clients through tailored solutions in Corporate Governance (CG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across the MENA region. It is the only Sustainability advisory practice in the region that specializes purely in CG and CSR, maintaining a focus on and evolving with the rapid development in these fields.

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