Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities are an investment. And like any investment, organizations should expect returns from their CSR activities – be they in the form of enhanced brand image, increased community involvement, stakeholder engagement, bottom line value, or any other number of benefits that CSR generates.

And while ad-hoc or philanthropic CSR activities can generate such returns, the impact of these investments is typically short lived and may not be aligned with the objectives or vision of the organization. As such, these investments are not necessarily the best allocation of the organization’s resources.

At Schema we believe our clients’ CSR investments should be strategic, sustainable and generate maximum impact.

Our approach to developing CSR programs for our clients always begins with identifying the strategy, and then developing effective, measurable initiatives that are sustainable and aligned with the objectives and long-term vision of the organization.

We ensure that our clients’ CSR strategies and programs are comprehensive, cover the multiple requirements of successful implementation, and are cost and time efficient.