Sustainability Journey

The “Sustainability Journey” publication is a unique resource relevant to organizations of all sizes in the MENA region in the process of implementing or aiming to implement sustainability strategies, policies and frameworks.

While there are many publications worldwide that address the subject of Sustainability, there are none directly related to Sustainability from a MENA perspective. This lack of relevant reference materials, resources and best practices compounds the challenges faced by organizations in our region.

The “Sustainability Journey” is intended to be a resource guide for organizations on the path to sustainability and divides the journey into 6 components, each reflects on the theory and provides a practical guide on how to implement sustainability, supported by best practices from peers in the region. The six components are: Why? When? Where? How? Who? And What?

While the components are inter-linked, the publication is structured to allow organizations to tackle any one component at a time, providing guidelines and highlighted material to support the effective implementation of sustainability practices within organizations.

Integral to the “Sustainability Journey” is the integration of best practices from MENA organizations. If you would like your organization’s best practices to be included in the “Sustainability Journey”, or you are interested in being a supporter of the publication, please email us at or fill in the Contact Us form. Supporters of the “Sustainability Journey” will be given additional exposure within the publication.

Click here to download the introduction.

Click here to learn more about Ms. Maali Qasem, the author of the “Sustainability Journey”, and the Founder and CEO of Schema.

Launch of the “Sustainability Journey”

The “Sustainability Journey” will be launched at the Corporate Governance and Responsibility (“CGR”) Forum, taking place in Jordan on June 12th-14th 2011. The CGR Forum is the leading regional event on Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability; it was created as a knowledge generating platform created to identify, address and enable development in these areas, while building an awareness of the importance of Sustainability. (Click here to visit the CGR Forum website)