A testimonial by FHI360 (The Civil Society Program – Jordan) on Schema’s design and implementation of the Bridging Program between Civil Society Organizations and private companies

10 April 2013

It was a pleasure working with Schema over the past 7 months. Design wise, the program was different and creative in the way it was structured and the activities implemented. It brought the NGOs and SMEs together in a non-traditional way that not only helped in providing an opportunity for each of them to listen and interact with one another but helped in introducing new ideas for the NGOs that will hopefully get them to think outside of the box when designing their own activities and events.

The team that was responsible for the implementation from Schema was very professional and detail oriented. Of course, as any other project, challenges occurred and lessons were learnt, but they managed to absorb and overcome the challenges and their high commitment and ownership of the project has paid through. The information provided in the workshops was very beneficial and the main event was professionally structured and organize with results that exceeded all expectations.

The most thing I was impressed about during the proposal and implementation phases was Schema’s high commitment to the program and its success. The team at Schema was willing to go beyond their scope of work and provide the NGOs with the support and assistance that they need to build their capacity in this area. Although Schema conducted a session with the SMEs on CSR and sustainable development, it was obvious that this alone was not enough, so further follow up was conducted with the SMEs and one-on-one meetings were held with others to secure the participation of enough SMEs in the program.

As a pilot program, we faced many challenges and there were many lessons learned but it is definitely a program that is worth building on and expanding in the future because of the great benefit added to both the NGOs and SMEs and the shift in thinking and behavior that it is trying to create in both. I highly commend Schema on their commitment to the program and on their interest of taking this further with or without CSP future support.


Eman Nimri

Director of Programs at the Jordan Civil Society Program


Video Testimony in English | Video Testimony in Arabic