Schema is the only Sustainability advisory practice in the Middle East and North Africa region that focuses purely on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, allowing us to maintain our focus and evolve with the rapid development in these fields.

Traditionally, Corporate Governance (“CG”) and Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) have been seen as two different practices operating separately of each other, and in turn, our CG and CSR divisions often service different clients.

However, with the growing importance and awareness of the Triple Bottom Line (economic, environmental, and social), CG is now internationally recognized as a cornerstone of Sustainability, providing the frameworks, policies and procedures in support of long-term organizational success.

And because an organization’s vision for CSR, it’s programs and activities, must be strategic if it is to provide long-term value to an organization, leadership has to come from the Board of Directors and be communicated through the organization with effective policies to provide transparency and accountability.

It is from this perspective that Schema is uniquely positioned to add value to clients.

We have the specialized knowledge and experience in CG and CSR to help our clients develop their Sustainability approach and effectively integrate it within their organizational framework.

“Governance, strategy and sustainability have become inseparable…

The new reality of corporate governance is that boards have to take account of financial capital provided by shareholders, human capital provided by employees, natural capital provided by land, air and water and social capital provided by the community and society in which the company operates.”

Prof. Mervyn E. King S.C.
Chairman, Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Board of Directors
Chairman of the King Committee on Corporate Governance (publisher of the King Reports)

Reference www.sustainabilitysa.org

Source: GRI, March 2010