Our Vision

Schema’s vision is to be the sustainability advisory partner of choice in the Middle East and North Africa for business, civil society and public sector organizations.

We aim to be a beacon of knowledge and insight on corporate sustainability and sustainable development through hands-on local and regional expertise and research.

We aim to be a key player in high-level strategic decision making on the sustainability map of our targeted market, be it regionally, nationally or organization-based.

We aim to be the advisors who bring innovation and inspiration for organizations throughout their sustainability journey, enabling them to achieve competitive advantage and the highest responsible impact possible, socially, environmentally, and economically.


Our Mission

With our local understanding of the Middle Eastern and North African societal and business landscape, we tailor world-trends and best practices in sustainability into applicable solutions and strategies. Our holistic approach enables business organizations to grow sustainably across their value chain and supply chain, minding all different groups of the organization’s stakeholders. Thus, increased competitive advantage, profitable business growth, innovation, higher performance, and better risk management are part and parcel of the benefits that our services help to achieve for our clients.

Schema is a Sustainability Advisory company committed to providing high value to business, civil society, and public sector organizations through tailored sustainability solutions in the areas of Governance, Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibility.

By partnering with our clients, we help organizations achieve and explore opportunities for the desired responsible impact of their sustainability journey.

We strongly believe in the importance of creating strategic synergies between the different players of the socio-economic landscape and as such, we endeavour to create opportunities for such partnerships by raising awareness and widening the horizon on effective and impactful ways for sustainable development.