What We Do

Schema provides value to its clients through tailored Sustainability solutions in the areas of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We recognize that each client is unique, facing their own internal and external challenges, aiming to achieve their own objectives. We also recognize that while there are worldwide principles for Corporate Governance (“CG”) and Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”), each region, and even each country, evolves within a unique political and social context.

It is for these reasons that Schema focuses on providing tailored solutions that maximize impact. Each is developed to meet the specific objectives of our clients – grounded in their realities, based on local insights, compliant with local regulations, and built within the framework of international guidelines and best practices.

Our solutions, whether in CG or CSR, also take into account our clients’ needs to be able to manage their internal CG and CSR practices over the long term. As part of our services we include training of client teams, and provide tools, to enable our clients to sustain these practices and build their internal CG and CSR capacity.

Our core services are divided into three divisions. There are separate divisions for CG and CSR. The third is a Corporate Governance and Responsibility (“CGR”) product-based division, servicing the CG and CSR teams by providing them and clients with innovative tools to facilitate implementation of CGR practices.

The following provides a breakdown of the services offered in each of our core divisions:

CG Services
  • Assessment/Diagnostic
  • Reporting
  • Implementation
  • Ethical Practices

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CSR Services
  • Strategy
  • Assessment/Diagnostic
  • Reporting
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Measurement & Evaluation

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CGR Products
  • CGR Integration Tool
  • Online Ethical Tool
  • One Report

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