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Organizations have an undeniable impact on the world, not only from an economic perspective but also from an environmental and social one. ‘Sustainable Development’ refers to…more

Corporate Governance

The global and regional importance of Corporate Governance (“CG”) is clearly increasing. While good CG does attract investment, it should not be the only reason for…more

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategic practice is key to organizational success and contributes to organizations’ healthy growth and long term sustainability…more

Schema Labs

Innovation has become one of the key critical success factors of today’s business in order to increase relevance, be the pioneer not the follower and support sustainable growth…more

Schema Products

Schema launched an online tool to facilitate the assessment and measurement of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility and their integration within an organization…more

CGR Forum

The Corporate Governance and Responsibility (CGR) Forum is a unique knowledge generating platform created to identify, address and enable development in the areas of…more

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